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Diabetic Foot Care

Although your blood sugar may be managed by medications, it is especially important to take excellent care of your feet if you diabetic. Complications of diabetes such as nerve damage, circulation issues and infections can lead to dangerous foot problems. Something small rubbing in your shoes may not be noticed at first due to nerve damage, but constant irritation could create an open wound, which can lead to a serious infection.

You can help prevent diabetic complications in your feet with proper care and foot exams. If you’re in the Akron-Canton area and need to request an appointment to discuss diabetic maintenance foot care, please give us a call here at Ohio Foot and Ankle Center.

Preliminary foot care guidelines for those with diabetes:

  • Inspect your feet daily.
  • Never wash your feet in HOT water.
  • Be gentle when caring for your feet. Keep them clean, dry and moisturized (do not moisture between toes to avoid fungal infections.)
  • Take caution when trimming nails. Avoid cutting yourself and trimming too short, which can lead to ingrown nails.
  • Never treat foot conditions like corns, bunions, or callouses yourself
  • Always wear clean and dry socks. Avoid socks with tight elastic and thick, bulky socks that irritate.
  • Never use a heating pad or water bottle to warm feet in bed.
  • Never walk barefoot so you don’t risk getting accidentally cut.
  • Take care of your diabetes. Keep your blood sugar levels under control.
  • Don’t smoke. This restricts blood flow to your feet.
  • Get regular foot exams by a professional.

For more details on Diabetic Foot Care, visit the ACFAS informational website.