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Pediatric Deformities

The joys of parenthood can quickly turn confusing if your child is faced with a pediatric foot deformity. The time between symptoms, diagnosis and treatment may seem like an eternity to a parent. Please know that there is much than can be done medically to improve your child’s condition, particularly if it is diagnosed early upon noticing symptoms.

Pediatric foot deformities can be a scary prospect for a parent and early treatment is key. If you’re located in the Akron-Canton area and have concerns about a potential deformity issue concerning your child’s feet, please contact us at Ohio Foot and Ankle Center.

Examples of common pediatric foot deformities:

Congenital Clubfoot – congenital talipes equinovarus or clubfoot is one of the most easily recognized pediatric foot deformity. A child’s foot will resemble the head of a golf club at birth. Treatment is best accepted when a diagnosis is made within 3 months of birth.

Metatarsus Adductus – one of the most common pediatric foot deformities. It’s most easily noticed because the front half of the foot will turn inward. Sometimes this corrects itself with age, but your child’s prognosis will improve upon starting treatment. Starting such treatment soon after birth is recommended.

Pediatric Flatfoot – this can be obvious at birth or it may not show up until years later. Many children with flatfoot have no symptoms, but some have:

  • Outward tilted heel
  • Awkward changes in walking
  • Difficulty wearing shoes
  • Voluntary withdrawal from physical activity

For more details on Pediatric Deformities, visit the ACFAS informational website.