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Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Spur

Many of the patients we see feel stabbing heel pain upon their first steps out of bed in the morning. This pain may lessen once they’ve walked on the afflicted foot for a while. However, the pain can reactivate throughout the course of the day. There are many diagnoses for this type of foot pain, but Plantar Fasciitis is often the explanation. Sometimes heel spurs are diagnosed along with plantar fasciitis, but heel spurs are rarely a source for this kind of pain.

Even though morning heel pain is an indication of Plantar Fasciitis, no definitive diagnosis can be made until you are examined by a doctor.

What is it?

Your plantar fascia runs from your toes all the way to your heels. And when this becomes inflamed, you have a condition known as plantar fasciitis. It’s common in runners and therefore can also be known as jogger’s heel. However, you certainly don’t need to be a runner in order to feel the pain of plantar fasciitis.

Some of the symptoms of plantar fasciitis are:

  • Stabbing heel pain (particularly first thing in the morning when you step on your foot)
  • Pain in the arch of the foot
  • Increasing pain when you stand on it after a period of inactivity
  • Pain that worsens in a matter of months

Am I at risk?

A common cause of plantar fasciitis is the faulty structure of a patient’s foot. If you are obese or have very flat or high-arched feet, you may be more likely to develop plantar fasciitis. A routine activity of plantar fasciitis sufferers is standing for long periods on hard, flat surfaces (such as concrete) without supportive footwear.

How is Plantar Fasciitis diagnosed?

During your appointment, your medical history and an examination of your foot will help us to arrive at a diagnosis. Diagnostic images (x-rays or other imaging processes) may be used to differentiate the types of heel pain you’re having. Sometimes heel spurs are found during these diagnostic exams, even though they may not be causing your pain.

If you are in the Akron-Canton, Ohio area and think you may be suffering from plantar fasciitis, please contact us here at Ohio Foot and Ankle Center. Plantar fasciitis can be a painful and distressing condition that responds well to early treatment.

For more details on Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs, visit the ACFAS informational website.