Patient Testimonials

I knew I had a serious, possible debilitating, condition emerging in my leg, ankle and foot. I didn’t know where to turn. I decided to talk to my primary care physician who highly recommended Dr. Chokan.

I was nervous and afraid to make my first call to Dr. Chokan. Happily though, beginning with that first call to the Ohio Foot & Ankle Center, I felt welcomed. Both Dr. Chokan and his staff are very responsive and caring. Calls are returned promptly & procedures are handled efficiently and with great sensitivity.

It is very difficult for me to express how I feel about the services I’ve received without shedding a tear. I know I would be in a wheelchair 24/7 if it wasn’t for the excellent treatment I received and continue to receive at this state-of-the-art Clinic. Dr. Chokan has been treating me for Charcot foot (a debilitating condition), foot fractures, compressed nerves, and a myriad of other conditions that have occurred. Words do not suffice to describe what he and his staff have done for me and my family. I highly recommend this incredible Center. Thank you, Dr. Chockan, for caring and giving me the opportunity to express my “thank you” again to you and your wonderful staff.

Marsene P.
Akron, Ohio

After suffering foot and ankle pain following numerous ankle rolls with the same foot while running on trails and doing normal yard work, I consulted two foot specialists. Both advised me that the ligaments and tendons become stretched out and most likely lost their elasticity and the ability to recover from the rolls. One gave me rehab and the other put me in an air boot. Neither helped and the ankle rolls continued. Swelling continued around the ankle joint to the point it was there all of the time. Pain in the top of my foot at the joint also became worse as I had to walk up and down stairs and hills sideways to avoid the pain. Kneeling down was never an option.

After finally ignoring what was told to me by past doctors, I met with Dr. Chokan for a third doctor’s opinion. Prior to my appointment I was required to write down all of the problems I was having with my foot. When I came into the clinic, a series of x-rays were done based on my descriptions of the issues. I then met with Dr Chokan. As a very down-to-earth person, he made me feel comfortable as he took the time to listen to my issues and explain what he saw in the x-rays. Immediately he saw I had a large spur on top of the foot that was digging into the other bones as my knee would come forward. It was also obvious the spur was preventing my foot from righting itself while walking or running on uneven terrain. The first doctor had seen this on an x-ray but did not equate it to being the cause of my problem. Within a short time, Dr Chokan conducted a simple out-patient surgery that removed the spur, a second smaller spur along with the inflammation in the swollen area. Almost immediately I was able to run again and could feel the freedom and mobility in my ankle that I had not felt in years. Going up and down hills and stairs were no longer an issue. When my foot moved back and forth on uneven terrain, it quickly recovered without rolling. Dr Chokan was also able to check the elasticity of the tendons and ligaments during the surgery confirming they were still good.

After running again like a normal person, other pain issues arose in the same foot. As I had changed my gait to compensate for the last issue, these new issues weren’t truly realized until I had the ability to move my foot in a normal way. The peroneal tendon was getting extremely sore and there was also a pain inside my heel when it struck the ground or even if I would bump the bottom of it against a step or when getting out of the car. Once again Dr Chokan listened to my complaints and conducted simple x-rays to discover the problem. It was found that a bone that lies above the heel that normally moves out of the way had become attached to other bones because of all of the past swelling. When my heel bone made contact with something during any other activity besides walking, the heel would strike the immobile bone and would send a pain through my ankle and up my leg. During another simple out-patient surgery, Dr Chokan was able to remove the piece of bone. While in surgery, Dr Chokan was also able to locate the problem with the peroneal tendon and repair it as it had become damaged during all of the ankle rolls. To no avail, the first doctor I saw attempted to fix the tendon soreness through the use of rehab.

My foot is now pain free without any issues. Without the swelling, I have definition in my foot that I have not seen in years. Following the last surgery, I was given a simple at-home rehab plan that took up minimal time out of a few days per week. Once again my pains are gone and I am on the road to running again both on and off trails. My foot looks, moves and feels like it hasn’t in years. Dr Chokan has truly improved the quality of my life to a point beyond description.

Jeff B.
Stow, Ohio