What to Expect



Parking accessibility differs slightly from location to location. Our Stow and Canton Offices have clearly-marked parking lots in the front of each building.


Signing In

After arriving at any of our locations, we kindly ask you sign in at front desk and have your insurance card(s) readily available. If you have Medicare- or Medicare-type insurance, you must provide the date you were last seen by your primary care physician. This is in accordance with Medicare guidelines. In addition, you must have been seen by your physician within six months of your appointment with us.

What to Bring

New patients are encouraged to bring in a Patient Registration form to avoid the hassle of filling it out in our office. All patients should have their insurance card(s), driver’s license or photo ID, required co-pay and any recent tests, labs, scans or x-rays that may pertain to your podiatric issue.

Our Locations

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