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When one or both of the joints in your second, third, or fourth toe bend abnormally, you have a hammertoe. Since hammertoes stiffen over time and can become increasingly painful, Aaron Chokan, DPM, FACFAS, FACCWS, at Ohio Foot and Ankle Center in Canton, Uniontown, Stow and Rittman, provides innovative treatment options. If you have hammertoes, don’t hesitate to book an evaluation. You can conveniently schedule an appointment with any clinic either online or by phone.

Hammertoe Q&A

What causes hammertoes?

Hammertoes are toe deformities that cause your middle toes to bend in an abnormal way that resembles hammers. Stiff and sore hammertoes are a result of soft tissue imbalances.

For example, if you have a second toe that extends beyond the length of your big toe — this is very common — it likely has to scrunch up to fit comfortably into your shoes. 

This abnormal bending causes certain muscles to learn to keep your toe bent in that position, rather than stretching out. It takes time but, eventually, affected toes get “stuck” in an upward hammer-like position.

One of the most common causes of hammertoes is pointy or snug-fitting shoes, such as high heels, that have little room in the toe box. 

This is why hammertoes more commonly affect women. But you also have a risk of struggling with hammertoes if you have weak toe joints, arthritis, or toe injuries. 

Should I see a podiatrist if I have a hammertoe?

Yes. Even if your hammertoes just seem like a minor nuisance now, they tend to worsen, which can make walking, exercising, and performing daily tasks cause pain. 

The expert podiatrists at Ohio Foot and Ankle Center encourage you to schedule a hammertoe evaluation if you have any of the following issues:

  • Corns
  • Stiffness 
  • Redness
  • Burning 
  • Calluses 
  • Inflammation 


You should also come in to Ohio Foot and Ankle Center if you have bunions. In many cases, the pressure from your big toe causes smaller toes to fall out of proper alignment, which may be one of the underlying causes of your hammertoes.

How does a podiatrist treat hammertoes?

Most hammertoe treatments from Ohio Foot and Ankle Center begin with conservative therapies. Your podiatrist may recommend:

  • Changes in footwear
  • Custom orthotics 
  • Toe exercises 
  • Corn pads
  • Strapping 


You can also meet with Dr. Chokan, who specializes in the surgical correction of hammertoes. Dr. Chokan is one of the few podiatrists in the area who performs hammertoe implants and tendon transfers to prevent further hammertoe issues. 

Ohio Foot and Ankle Center provides highly effective hammertoe treatments. Get the hammertoe relief you need by booking an evaluation through the website or by calling any office directly today.