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A total ankle replacement can restore your full ankle function if you have pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion from arthritic deterioration or severe injuries. If you’re interested in finding out if an ankle replacement is right for you or if you’d like a second opinion, book an exam with Aaron Chokan, DPM, FACFAS, FACCWS, at Ohio Foot and Ankle Center in Canton, Uniontown, Stow or Rittman. Click on the online scheduling tool or call any office to speak with a team member.

Total Ankle Replacement Q&A

How does a total ankle replacement work?

While many types of total ankle replacement systems exist, in general, this procedure involves repairing all surfaces of your tibiotalar (ankle) joint. The goal is to restore your normal ankle range of motion. 

Typically, a total ankle replacement involves removing the lower portion of your tibia (shin bone), as well as the top of your talus (foot bone). Your foot and ankle surgeon replaces these damaged areas with medical-grade metal or plastic components. 

These artificial parts make up your “new” ankle joint and provide a superior range of motion benefits. Ohio Foot and Ankle Center provides the most recent and clinically proven ankle replacement systems available, including Stryker STAR™ and Wright Medical Group INBONE™.

Dr. Chokan is certified and trained in four types of total ankle joint replacement procedures, so he’s able to give you the ankle replacement that suits you best. Ohio Foot and Ankle Center is one of the only practices in the area offering total ankle replacements. 

Am I a candidate for a total ankle replacement?

When you come in to Ohio Foot and Ankle Center for your foot exam, you meet with a dedicated foot and ankle surgeon who examines you thoroughly. They also discuss your symptoms and personal medical history with you. In general, you may be a candidate for a total ankle replacement if you have:

  • Limited ankle range of motion
  • Severe arthritic deterioration 
  • Chronic ankle pain
  • Ankle instability


A total ankle replacement is usually the last step if conservative treatments aren’t effective. Your podiatrist counsels you about the procedure, including risks and benefits, so you can work together to determine if a total ankle replacement is right for you.

What is the recovery like after a total ankle replacement?

It’s common to need to stay in the hospital for at least 1-3 nights following a total ankle replacement. You can typically go home once your pain is under control and you can safely get around with crutches or a walker. 

The team at Ohio Foot and Ankle Center schedules you for a follow-up visit about 10-14 days after your procedure. Your podiatrist examines you and removes your sutures during this visit.

By about the six-week mark, you have another follow-up and a series of X-ray imaging tests. Your podiatrist spends time determining how much weight you can bear on your ankle — 50% is typical by this time.

Full recovery from a total ankle replacement can take several months, depending on how quickly you heal. Your podiatrist is likely going to have you go through regular physical therapy sessions throughout your recovery.  

Ohio Foot and Ankle Center specializes in the latest total ankle replacement solutions. You can book your ankle surgery exam online or you can call the clinic nearest you directly.